• Modern and high-quality analysis of dairy products
  • Extensive experience in the field of livestock breeding!

The largest breeding enterprise in Belarus

Official organization

We are one of the largest livestock breeding enterprises in Mogilev and the Mogilev region
Favorable prices

We, like you, are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation, therefore all our prices are balanced and affordable
Efficient production

Our company always monitors the quality of its products using only the most relevant and technologically advanced methods
Professional approach

Our company is equipped with modern equipment, and only highly qualified employees work in the staff!
Experience and guarantees

Over the years of successful work in the field of livestock breeding, we have earned the attention of hundreds of customers!

Services and products of the breeding enterprise

RUSPP "Mogilev State Pedigree Enterprise" is the largest producer of high-quality bioproducts in the Republic of Belarus.
Every year 1.6 million doses of semen are frozen from the bulls available at the breeding enterprise, and the total bank of bioproducts is 9 million doses of semen from producers of high breeding value. Our company offers various types of goods for delivery and provides a wide range of services in the field of livestock breeding:

  • Sale of high-end organic products
  • Sale of pedigree young stock
  • Sale of collars for bulls-producers
  • Manufacturing and sale of individual houses for keeping young animals
  • Consulting on breeding, technology and reproduction
  • Providing services for the transportation of livestock. Services of a tractor with a trailer and attached agricultural equipment
  • Organization of technological control on the issues of herd reproduction and selection and breeding work
  • Assessment of sire bulls
  • Computerization of breeding records
  • Determination of quality indicators of milk
  • Organization and holding of competitions, seminars, organization of training for workers in artificial insemination of animals, livestock breeders, technicians, doctors - gynecologists, improving their qualifications
Modern quality control

Dairy laboratory

You can always order a qualitative analysis of the definition of milk indicators from us, for example, the percentage of fat, protein, lactose, somatic cells. We make all calculations individually, and you can use the obtained data without any problems in breeding or production work.

Department for breeding and evaluation of bulls for the quality of offspring

Our breeding enterprise makes a reliable assessment of sire bulls by the quality of offspring, linear assessment of farm animals, computer processing of pedigree registration information on a PC in dairy cattle breeding and much more …

We keep and raise the best breeds of farm animals!

We are waiting for your visit!
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RUSPP «Mogilevskoe Gosplempredpriyatie»

Legal and postal address: 213118, Mogilev region, Mogilev district, village Cheryomushki, st. Centralnaya, 1

Tel/fax: +375 (222) 715897 – reception
Working hours: Mon-Fri 8.00 - 17.00
Email address: info@mogilevgosplem.by

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